As each of us goes through our Meccano building experience, we learn lots of tips on how to renovate and extend our Meccano collections and improve our model building skills. This section is included so that we ban pass on to all Meccano builders the lessons we have learned. Each Tip is numbered and, where relevant, the contributor attributed for you to request further details.
The tips section is divided into Building Tips to help you build top quality models quickly whilst preserving your precious Meccano parts for the future. The second section is concerned with a combination of bringing your collection up to a good standard and pointers on how to extend your holding in a cost-effective way. This latter section talks about the use of M4 bolts which in their pan-head or countersunk forms can be a distinct advantage if you have problems with arthritis.
A useful set of tips can be found at International Society of Meccanomen hints and tips.