2020 February Scout Meeting

Some SWMC members have in the past visited various groups to demonstrate Meccano with hands on sessions, giving the opportunity to youngsters of building their own model. The latest of these visits was to a Scout group in Stoke Gifford by Neil, Richard, Chris and Steve.

This session was introduced by Neil who gave a short talk on the history of Meccano. Richard had prepared kits for three types of models: a motor scooter, a jeep and a crane. Each of the kits was accompanied by a set of pictorial instructions laid out similarly to Lego instructions for familiarity. Neil strongly advised that everyone should read and follow the instructions as even a small deviation could make a big difference to the success of the model.


The Scout leader emphasised to the group that the skills learned from Meccano building would be very useful and relevant for anyone thinking of engineering as a career.

The Scouts were grouped into twos and threes and each group could choose which model to make.

The time went too quickly but nevertheless most of the groups managed to complete their model. The session was well received and we will, no doubt, be returning.

Please click on any of the photos to enlarge them. Parental permission was given for these photos to appear on our website.