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for sale

If you have Meccano that you would like to sell, please send your 'advert' with photos to [email protected].

To buy Meccano that is advertised here, please contact the seller directly.

To go to wanted items either scroll down past the For Sale items or click here.


Thomas Aarem in Norway has some Meccano for sale- See the photos below. Just make him an offer.  You can contact him directly on [email protected].

The Meccano shown here is for sale for £20 and is in the Bristol Area. All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them. If interested please contact Owen Werakso on [email protected].

Are you looking for a particular item, model plan or anything Meccano related?  Or are you able to point someone in the right direction or fulfil someone's request?  Either way, email [email protected] and we will post your request or forward an answer to you.

Kevin Harris would like any information concerning Alan Partridge's Jovilabe (an orrery used for determining the positions of the satellites that surround the planet Jupiter). He remembers seeing it in an issue of Meccano Magazine, as pictures from an exhibition, and remembers seeing it as parts from Mr Partridge's legacy, but he can't find these photos anymore. If anyone has any further information on the Partridge orrery, please contact Kevin at kevinhar[email protected]

John Day is looking for help with supplying some small dolls or similar, to include in his vertical drop fairground model.  Some pictures of some he already has are included.  They need to be about 4” tall, and be able to bend at the knees and hips.

If anyone has something which will do the job they can contact [email protected], or John directly if they have his details.

Alan Perry is looking for a 1956 Set 9 Manual as pictured here. If you can help, please contact [email protected]