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for sale

If you have Meccano that you would like to sell, please send your 'advert' with photos to

To buy Meccano that is advertised here, please contact the seller directly.

There are two sellers at the moment, as Keith's Clock Kit no.2 has SOLD. Please scroll down to see all other items, or click on the links Philip Drew and Alan Perry.

Philip Drew has items for sale as described below:

A large quantity (350+ parts weighing over 6.5 kg) of 1958-64 light red & green Meccano is offered for sale. The parts are generally in good to very good condition with many parts seemingly unused, though with some chips. The mix is unusual as it contains many parts to be found only in larger sets e.g. 14 of 12.5” x 2.5” strip plates, 29 near mint braced girders, 5.5” & 4.5” double angle strips, 14 mixed triangular plates, 2 propeller blades, 4 windmill sails, etc. There is only one 19 tooth pinion and no usable nuts & bolts. At Mike Rhodes prices, the collection is valued at over £340.

Offered at £125

A full list is available from Philip Drew and the collection can be inspected by appointment at his home.  Philip's email address can be found on any SWMC group email.

As a result of the recent purchase of a large Meccano collection, Alan Perry has the following items for disposal/sale, including his windmill. 

  1. No 1 Reversing Clockwork Motor.  Still wrapped in brown paper, box slightly faded.
  2. Magic Motor in plain cardboard (wartime??) box complete with key.
  3. Set 4 YBZ in original box.
  4. Empty cardboard box for Set 8A with inserts. Quite tidy.
  5. Three other empty boxes namely 6 and 6A, red but very tatty. Also 4A (1970 cubic) complete with packaging.
  6. Quantity of military green special parts, strip and plate complete with three section wooden gun barrel (Mechanised Army 1939-41).
  7. Small quantity of cardboard Meccano parts circa 1931.
  8. Quantity of red and green plate and strip, also blue and gold plate and strip. All far in excess of his own needs.

Also for sale at offers over £650 is his 1/12 scale windmill which can be viewed on his webpage.

For more details of any of the above please phone Alan Perry on 01285 861388.