Archives of meetings and exhibitions from 1999 to 2010 can be found in Archives 2005 to 2010 and Archives 1999 to 2004.

The South West Meccano Club was founded in 1984 by Malcolm Hanson who had a passionate interest in Meccano and other model building systems. Malcolm drew together like-minded modellers using the poster shown on the left and the club was born. Initially, there were just 8 members and this has since built up to 79 registered members, with about 15 of us being active modellers in Meccano.


Malcolm in pensive mood Skegex 2014

Up to 2014, the club has had no specific constitution, being run very ably by Malcolm as a one-man band and the club has made great progress in those years. As of 2014, Malcolm indicated his wish to retire as the driving force (and only worker) and a committee has been formed under Malcolm’s Presidency to spread the load and move the club into its second 30 years. Our club is now at an exciting phase in its development and we would encourage all modellers, young, old, experienced or novice to join us and move this fantastic hobby forward.


Further details of our new structure and how to contact us can be found on the Contacts page.


One feature of our club has been our annual exhibition held initially at Long Ashton and then more recently at Tockington, both on the outskirts of Bristol. In the early days, these exhibitions were heavily advertised and very popular in the locality and we were able to use some of the resulting profits to make donations of Meccano building sets to local organisations, principal of which was the Bristol Children’s Hospital.    


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