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See here for details of our next meeting.

The Paignton pages can now be found under About Us - see Paignton.

We have added a For Sale page where you can buy or sell Meccano.


Below are links to articles and news items added to the website recently.

New for 2018

October 2018 meeting report.

David Northcott has added photos to his page.

2018 Henley report and photos from The Henley Gathering.

2018 Thornbury report and photos from the Thornbury Model Engineering Exhibition

2018 July meeting report

2018 Skegex photos

We have created a YouTube channel Southwest Meccano Club where new videos of our models will be uploaded. Clicking the 'Videos' tab will bring up all the videos recently uploaded. Clicking the 'About' tab will bring up videos of previous exhibitions (as many as we have found on YouTube).

Sam has added his personal  'Meccano History' to his page Sam Medworths Page

October Family and Friends will be on 27th October at Olveston and Tockington Parish Hall.

Some archives from 1999 to 2010 have been added.  You can view them under the History tab or by clicking on this link: Archives 2005 to 2010 or Archives 1999 to 2004.

Many thanks to Sam Medworth for making this material available.