2011 July


Report by Malcolm Hanson

Thankfully I managed to arrange things so that the July meeting at my place avoided a clash with Skegex. The latter was very enjoyable and pictures plus a video of it can be seen here: http://www.nzmeccano.com/image-48578.

We had a lively meeting here with a good range of models.

Richard brought a Ferguson Tractor he was working on plus a very nice mid-50s dealer’s cabinet he had bought at Skegex.

Terry showed us the Railway Breakdown which will be his latest masterpiece.

Pete had a lovely 1907 Italia Racer and a pair of large wheels that will eventually feature in a Showman’s Engine and which avoided the use of Flanged Rings.

Sam had made use of his knowledge of biology to create a model part of a DNA molecule. He also had a dark blue and yellow #1 outfit model of a fork lift truck.

Somewhat coincidently David Worth had a steam engine made from the same outfit.

John Day came with a JCB Rough Terrain Fork Lift Truck and a 60s #9 Outfit model Robot.

Mark showed us the further progress he has made on his Jones Mobile Crane which will not avoid the original complicated gearbox by using individual motors for each drive.

I showed some recently acquire outfits including a 1934 E outfit and late 20s 0 and 0a outfits.