Philip Bond’s Page

You can also read about Phil's Meccano History and Philip Bond's 4.5L Blower Bentley Type by Chassis by clicking on the links given.

This model was inspired by the set 4 Saloon Car, slight modifications were made to avoid unnecessary bending of strip parts and flanged wheels were used for headlights.

A 1930s style caravan was constructed to match the saloon car.


2016   AEC Regent Bus  My own design, taken from plans, restored and resprayed parts used.



You can find Philip's tips for restoring the enamel paint finish on Meccano on his tips for restoring Meccano page .  This is a presention with photos at every stage, so very easy to follow.

This model takes the chassis and running gear from Spanners March1971 1929 Foden Steam Wagon. I have added modifications:
Smoke box
Ballast tractor body
Mud guards, Lamps
Improved front axial.

Foden Steam Wagon

A video of this can be seen on YouTube.