Philip Bond’s 4.5L Blower Bentley Type Chassis

This is my version of the classic motor car chassis. I have taken inspiration from Motor car model plans. Features include:

  • Ackermann steering
  • Leaf sprung chassis
  • Differential
  • 3 Speed gearbox with reverse
  • Clutch
  • Cooling fan

Due to the limitations of Meccano the clutch pedal and linkage had to be mounted on the left.

Bentley 4 1/4L (1931)

Motor Chassis (without accumulator)

Meccano Supermodel 1928-1956

Motor Chassis (revised) Meccano Supermodel 1928-1956

The Real Bentley

The gear box is the type first described in Meccano Magazine - April 1949 - page 155: How to use Meccano parts. It is an all pinion type relying on the partial meshing of the teeth.

A short video of the chassis may be seen On YouTube.