John Day’s Page

I have built a Hole-in-One machine.  I acquired the plans from Ron Mitchell at Skegex in 2019. The balls are not ping pong balls but are balls removed from roll on deodorants.

My next model is from Model Plan no. 172 Endless Ball Chute designed by Peter Matthews. This model does use ping pong balls.

These photos are from the Chickerell Steam show near Weymouth 2019.

These videos are from the M Shed SWMC Exhibition, Bristol, in May 2019.

Loading Shovel Set 10 2014
Set 10 Forklift 2014
Set 10 Forklift 2014
Coles Mobile Crane 2014
Blocksetter 2003
Set 3 Blocksetter 2005
Blocksetter 2006
Blocksetter 2012
Harz Steam Engine 2006
Showman's engine 2004
Fork Truck 2011
Tower Ride 2007