Richard Gilbert’s Sets shown in 2017 and 2018

September 2017

For Christmas 1959 the Meccano Mechanisms Outfit was introduced although its gears contents were not as versatile as those of the cheaper Gears Outfit ‘B’ (Mechanism Outfit £1/9/6 and the Gears Outfit ‘B’ 15/3 – both including tax).

However, the set contained a number of standard Meccano parts by means of which Demonstration Models of Mechanisms could be constructed.

Each Mechanisms Outfit had a 20 page Manual called “The Book of Mechanisms”.

This was the first time that the Meccano packaging had been introduced with “drop-in” vacuum-formed plastic yellow trays including the Mechanisms Outfit.

It is strange that in 1965 the outfit lid changed from white Meccano lettering on the sides to black and red to black on the other sides.  The front cover ‘Mechanisms Outfit’ text changed from white to black but the main lid picture remained red/green.  However, the contents were yellow/black/silver.

The question is –

“Why go to the expense” when in 1966 the Outfits changed to a sleeve type carton with white plastic tray inserts and a cardboard outer.  The manual was the same but with a ’66 date.  These sets later changed to polystyrene inners with a lid cover instead of sleeve type.

In 1970 when the colour changes and the Outfit number changes occurred a new dark blue with silver text Mechanism Set was introduced to match all the other new Outfit cartons which were all labelled “Meccano Triang Limited”.  The contents were the same but with a larger flat carton and yet more polystyrene.  In 1973 the Outfit changed to dark blue with white text but no ‘Triang’ Logo and the nuts and spanners were hexagonal. It is thought the Outfit continued into 1977 – can anybody confirm?

In 1987 Meccano France reintroduced Meccano Mechanisms Outfit to the U.K. market with an orange vacuum form parts tray and in 1989 the tray changed to white.  The contents for this Outfit were the same as before but additionally a 1 off 94 Sprocket Chain, 1 off 95 Sprocket Wheel 2”, 1 off Sprocket Wheel ¾”, 1 off 120b Compression Spring, 1 off 230 Rod with Keyway 4” and 2 off 231 Key Bolts all from the Gears Outfit ‘B’ were included.  The manuals through the years roughly stayed the same just with different front and rear covers.

November 2017

Richard thought this time he would show most of the last Meccano Outfits & Accessories, from his own collection, to come out of Binns Road during 1978/79 period prior to their closure in late 1979.

Namely – Construction Sets, Themed Sets, Power Pack, Motors & Steam Engine. Mostly ‘mint’ outfits which Richard has collected over the past 30 years!!!

No. 5 Outfit mid 1978
No. 4 Outfit mid 1978
No. 3 Outfit early 1978
No. 2 Outfit late 1978/early 1979
No. 1 Outfit mid 1978
No. A Outfit 1978
Extension Pack for Sets 1 & 2 Outfit S - 1978
Extension Pack for Sets 3 & 4 Outfit L - 1979
Crane Set 1978
Highway Set 1978
Army Set 1978
Combat Set 1978
Pocket set and Power pack 1978
SP3 Steam Engine 1978
Meccanoids from Deep Space late 1979
Space 2501 1979

From May 2018

Richard brought along a variety of metal, plastic and brick Construction Sets.

A Lott’s Tudor Blocks Set No. 2 in mint condition which has never been out of the box complete with Instructions for Models (Boxes 1 & 2).  Manual priced at 1s 9d.

A Trix Metal Constructional Set No. 1a supplementary Set to No. 1 containing 47 parts from the mid-1950’s priced at 7½d. still in its wrapper and complete with Manual & Pricing List for current Sets.

Brickplayer Spares Bricks Dealer’s Sales Display Box in superb condition for its age containing packs –

Pack No. 100 – 100 B1 Bricks full size

Pack No. 101 –  52 B2 Bricks ¾ size

72 B3 Bricks ½ size

Pack No. 102 – 42 B4 Bricks full size gable

16 B5 Bricks ½ size gable

4 B6 Bricks peak

Brickplayer Windows & Doors Spares Parts Display Box containing various windows, single and double doors, bricks and glazing for windows.

Brickplayer No. 4 Set in mint condition (early 1960’s)

Klipit Outfit No. 0 in very good condition.  Made by the Hobbies Limited company from Dereham, Norfolk and priced at 5 shillings – circa. 1916.  Klipit Outfits consisted of sets of small wooden pieces that could be clipped together with an accompanying set of steel clips to create structures.

Airfix Building Accessories & Airfix Roofing Accessories packs for use with the Airfix Building Sets from the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s, all pre-Betta Bilda Plastic Sets which were very successful from 1962 onwards until the early 70’s.

Meccano No. 9A Outfit from the light red/green 1962-64 era.  The last of the No. 9A Sets to be produced – quite rare to find in this condition – the pride of Richard’s 1962 -1964 Outfits.