Making Collars from old pulleys – Philip Bond

How to make collars from old 1 inch pulleys

Using an electric drill as a lathe


Tools Required: Variable speed Electric drill,  3/8 Drill bit, Junior hacksaw, vice, rough & smooth file, fine emery paper (400 grade) & screwdriver.

Meccano Required: old tri-axle (needs to be cut), good collar & short grub screw.

Select old mis-shaped pulleys.

Drill out the boss with the 3/8 drill until the boss can be see to break away from the pulley, place a screwdriver through the boss and using this to make the final separation.

Selection of drilled out bosses.

Grip the electric drill in the vice. Place the old tri-axle in the chuck as far in as possible. Place the good collar over the axle using this as a gauge as to where to cut the axle.

Insert the short grub screw into the collar to be machined on the drill.

Carefully remove the excess brass either by filing when the drill is stopped or on a medium speed, starting with the rough file then the finer file.

File down the excess brass until it is flush with the axle end.

With the drill set to a slightly higher speed polish the collar with light filing and emery paper. The collar can then be taken out & the other face can be polished.

Remove the burr by giving the collar several twists by hand with the drill bit.

With practice on filing, polishing and the speed of the drill, brass collars can be made from old bosses.