The Malcolm Hanson Trophy

The Malcolm Hanson Trophy – Rules (amended for 2018)

1) The Malcolm Hanson Trophy will be awarded to the best model displayed at the October AGM meeting. For 2018 only, this will be for finished or unfinished models. For future years the model will have to be declared finished at the AGM.

2) This competition is open to SWMC members only.

3) Any model can only ever win the cup once.

4) The club committee will keep a list of models completed and shown at the AGM these will be available for viewing on this website.  Any member can opt out by informing any member of the committee at the AGM.

5) Members will be invited to vote for their favourite model by 30th December.  Each member can vote for one model only. In the event of a tie, the committee will make the final decision. Any committee member whose model is in the tie will be ineligible to be part of the decision making.

6) The Malcolm Hanson Trophy will be presented to the winner at the April/May meeting of the following year.

7) The Committee will have the trophy engraved with the winner’s name (and the year won) before it is announced and presented.

8) The trophy will be kept by the winner for the year and must be returned ready for the new winner by the end of March.

9) The winner will also receive a small cup engraved with South West Meccano Club, The Malcolm Hanson Trophy, their name and the year won, which they can keep forever.