2017 Malcolm Hanson Trophy Results

2017 Malcolm Hanson Trophy
As planned, the Malcolm Hanson Trophy for 2017 was awarded at the January 2018 meeting. The idea is very simple – following the final meeting of each year, all members are invited to vote for their ‘top five’ from a list of all models which were completed in-year by SWMC members. We then gather these results and use them to compile a top ten.
We had a good number of nominations (thanks!) and a real variety of models were featured. We had several tie-breakers, where multiple models scored the same number of points and these were resolved by looking at how many 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th,5th places had contributed to the scores in each case. 

The top ten ended up looking like this:

John DaySet Ten Fire Escape22 points
Neil BedfordLotus 25 Racing Car22 points
Chris BatesAEC Matador Lorry18 points
Mark BridleRuston Dragline Excavator17 points
Sam MedworthSet Nine Fire Escape9 points
Philip BondLive Steam Wagon9 points
Greg Worwood Cuthbertson Land Rover6 points
Philip DrewAutomated Gantry Crane6 points
Martin ArnoldTipper Lorry6 points
Martin ArnoldTraction Engine 5 points

So, congratulations to John, who is our first winner with a model which was beautifully constructed, worked very well indeed and which really showed the true potential of the famous Set Ten. John will hold the large Malcolm Hanson Trophy for the next twelve months and has been given a smaller, engraved trophy to keep forever.