Useful links

During the course of pursuing our hobby of Meccano, we often come across sites of interest and useful information. Below is a selection of interesting and useful websites.


This site has lots of useful information and links such as history, hints and tips, international club sites, suppliers and dealers and photos from international exhibitions.  Well worth a look at the website.

John Thorpe is both a Meccano builder and major seller of original and repro Meccano. He has a very good website, which is open all year round.  Just email your order and he will post it to you.

Dave Taylor is both a Meccano builder and major seller of original and repro Meccano.  He is often to be found selling at the major exhibitions.  However, after many years of trading, he is running down his stock in preparation for retirement. His website is only open for business at selected times of the year (dates are shown on his website).

Mike Rhoades


Supplier to the hobby for over 25 years, specializing in UK manufactured spares (all colour-periods), boxed sets, motors, special tools and literature. Send “A5” size S.A.E. for free catalogue.

Mike does not do business over the internet, but is contactable by post or phone - see right. He often sells at the major exhibitions and at Vintage Toy Fairs. His price list is the standard that all other dealers are judged against.

You can download his catalogue from the NZ Meccano website.  His prices are unchanged since this 2013 price catalogue.

137 Fairfield Avenue
Kirk Ella
HU10 7UW
T: (+44) 1482 650 463
F: (+44) 1482 658 327

Stuart produces a small but good quality range of reproduction Meccano (mostly brassware). He can also produce parts with a triaxle bore - made to order. His universal couplings are especially good value.

This is another Meccano enthusiast who has his own website.  Rather usefully, he has included a long list of links to sellers not only in the UK but other countries as well.

This site is a  data base of all the Meccano Magazine issues. There are indexes of model type, subject, chronology etc. Many interesting models can be found by reading down the lists (one of which uses keywords).

This is a calendar of many of the country's club meetings and exhibitions held throughout the year.

Modern Meccano is still being made as evidenced by this official website showing the latest incarnations of sets and technology.  Includes links to Meccano's social media sites and YouTube videos.

MECControl allows you to control devices such as motors, LEDs and buttons from your Windows PC.

This site has a searchable index to some Meccano magazines, engineering drawings, patents and designs, Meccano set lists and manuals.

This site has all the original technical drawings in scanned format and can be searched by part number.  This is particularly useful for when making replica or replacement parts. This is part of the Timothy Edwards' website, whose front page can be accessed here.

This is an interesting site by an American Meccano enthusiast who has examined the history and evolution of Meccano since it first entered the US. There are interesting differences, for instance the thread form is different!