2019 Ashton Keynes – Solent and SWMC exhibition

The Ashton Keynes event is organised by Greg Worwood and ably assisted by Marion. It is not advertised to the general public but a fair number of locals, family and friends visited. The models on display were built by members of The Solent Meccano Club and by many of our own SWMC members.

Below are some photos to give a flavour of the day.

These are some of Greg's models on display on and in front of the stage.

Other members of The Solent Club and SWMC displayed a variety of other models and sets, a selection of which can be seen below.

Guess the number of parts used to make this fork lift. The winner guessed 82, very close the actual number of 83 parts.

Guess the number of nuts in revolving drum.  The actual number was 505 and the winner opted for a box of Meccano rather than the Ferrero Rocher.