2015 July

July 2015 Meeting at Tockington - Richard Smith’s (Report Richard Smith)
We had a very enjoyable turnout at Richard’s, made even more pleasurable than normal because of Richard’s success in winning the Issagonis Sheild for the best model at Skegex 2015. This is fiercely competitive and has been a dream of Richard’s for many years. Here is a list of attendees and their models
Malcolm Hanson - Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope
Malcolm has been contacted by the BBC Timeshift program to build a model of the Radio Telescope to be used in a future programme. The model is being built using model plans created by the late Meccano man Alan Partridge. Malcolm is using Yellow, Blue and Zinc finished Meccano and is a model in progress.
Sam Medworth - Sopworth Camel WW1 Aeroplane
Sam brought along a aeroplane beautifully built in red and green from model plan by Chris Bourne. This aircraft has a running rotary engine where the propellor is attached to the engine cylinders. Lights are also fitted to the machine guns.
Chris Bates - Wilson Preselector Gearbox and TZ Coach
Recent member Chris is in the early stages of building a pre-war coach. He brought along a operating gearbox with 4 speeds which he demonstrated and a front section on the bus chassis with operating steering. This is going to be a very large model when complete.
Martin Arnold - 10 Set Lifting Shovel
Martin has been improving the model which he built about a year ago out of Yellow and Zinc finish Meccano.
Ralph Clarke - Demonstration Differential
Our Steam Locomotive expert brought along a Crown wheel and pinion differential which he has built to demonstrate to the young. The idea is to demonstrate how the outer wheel of a vehicle moves further than the inside one when going round corners.
Neil Bedford - Hannover Cliii Ground Attack/Fighter Bomber
Neil was unable to attend the meeting but left his new model for us to show. This is a WW1 bi-plane aircraft which Neil built to show at this years Skegex show. Neil was awarded a 10th place for what is a very charming model. Painted in a mustard yellow and containing Hans and Otto whom crew the aircraft.
Andrew Jefferies - Ball Roller
This is a Ball Roller built from model plans which Andrew got from the internet. The model is built from Red and Green Meccano and moves two Ping-Pong sized balls around.
Andrew also brought along a Hook's Coupling from a Meccano plan from the 1920s and a 90 Degree drive unit which utilises Axles as the great teeth.
Hugh Barr - 10 Set Auto Gantry Crane
Hugh demonstrated the travelling bogie for his crane along with part of the support. This model is being built out of red and green Meccano and is going to be quite a large model when complete.
Phil Drew - Tricky Track Up Hill Gradient Section
Phil has been construction his Tricky Trac for over a year. This model was a further section of track about 3 feet long allowing the locomotive to climb to a height of 13 inches. Due to the limited power of the locomotive, a mechanism carries the Loco up hill using the Loco motor geared down to the required mechanical advantage.
David Northcott - Model T Ford
David showed this model at Skegex last week and it generated a lot of interest. there. The model is beautifully built out of red and gold Meccano. This model featured a forward and reverse gearbox and is powered by a Emebo electric motor from the1960s. The charming model also had working steering.
John Day - Krazy Klock
John is in the early stages of building the Dr Keith Cameroon designed clock. John showed us some of the gear he has built using angle brackets for teeth bolted to Hub Discs,
Richard Smith - Jamie on his Trike
Richard showed his model of a skeleton on a trike which he built for the Skegex exhibition. Richard was fortunate to win the Sir Alexander Issigonis Shield for this model. The trike is built out or red and green Meccano and features powered front and back wheels. The front wheel rotates to drive the skeleton legs around on the peddles. The skeleton has almost every bone that a human skeleton has and features moving eyes and jaw.
We are very grateful to Richard & Lynn for their hospitality, and in particular for their Champagne to celebrate Richard’s victory.
Future events
Our club is showing our models at the Bristol Model Engineering and Hobbies Exhibition at Thornbury Leisure Centre on the 14, 15 and 16th August. Martin, Phil, David, Malcolm, Chris and Richard volunteered to support this event.
We have been invited to attend and show our models at The Henley Gathering on Saturday 5th of September. this is an event we have supported for over 15 years and is a very friendly and interesting event.
Our next meeting is at the village hall in Tockington on Saturday 17th of October. This is open to members and friends but not the public and is an exhibition for our own enjoyment. The meeting will also have our AGM so if you have any topic you wish discussed, please let us know.