2019 Challenge

Scrapheap challenge for April:

This year's challenge is to build a model that will move from floor markings A to B autonomously, a distance of 20 feet, and stop on 20 foot mark. Closest to finish line (over or under) wins.

  • The marks will be parallel lines to allow for any model that drifts to the side
  • A model that drifts to the side and doesn’t reach the finish line will still be judged against its distance to the line, not the distance it travelled
  • The model can be powered by any source, but motor type and model must be original Meccano
  • There must be no interference with the model during the challenge
  • There must be a position indicator at the front of the model which points to the start line on the floor (e.g. a drift pointing down)
  • No parts spanning between lines A and B
  • No aid to stopping can be positioned at or near the finish line
  • No computing or electronics allowed

Ian Jeeves and his winning entry.

All the entrants