2016 Challenge

SWMC 2016 Scrapheap Challenge

For the 2016 SWMC public Exhibition in April, we will have a race. This time, it will be a race between Meccano vehicles driven forwards by a fan and/or propeller (or multiple fans and/or propellers). Rules are as follows:-
1. A Meccano model which is powered by one or more fans or propellers, of any design and which can be built as large or small as you like and which drive the model forwards by pushing air backwards.
2. The model will be powered by a single Meccano motor (electric or clockwork – or steam, I suppose!) and if electric must carry its own power supply with no trailing cables.
3. For electric models the maximum voltage allowed is 6 volts and rechargeable batteries are not permitted.
4. Fans/propellers cannot touch the floor.
5. The model must run directly on the floor (ie not on rails) and must not damage the floor (hovercraft are not excluded from the competition – it might just be possible?).
6. Only genuine Meccano parts can be used from any period (apart from batteries, wiring and battery boxes which can be any - within the rules) including parts from the aeroplane constructor range.
7. The competition will be run in heats and the winner of each heat will be the fastest over a set distance of around 30 feet (tbc)
8. For those of you who are especially competitive, batteries can be replaced between heats to give ‘maximum grunt’ every time.
9. You will be allowed time for your fans/propellers to get up to full speed before your models are released.

The Contenders
Philip Drew's winning entry