2018 Challenge

2018 SWMC Scrapheap Challenge – Rule

This year’s challenge is very simple in concept but winning it will require careful use of parts to squeeze the most out of a No.1 clockwork motor.

  • The objective is to build a winch/windlass of any kind, which will be held stationary on the floor of the hall and will use a cord to pull a load of known weight towards it over a measured distance.
  • The winning machine will be the one which achieves the objective in the shortest time.
  • The load will be a 1 litre plastic milk bottle, filled halfway with water to give a measured weight of exactly 500g (in a form which will slide readily and not damage the floor).
  • Each machine should be fitted with a hook of some kind (any standard Meccano hook will be fine) which can be attached to a loop of cord which will be tied to each milk bottle.
  • The measured distance will be ten feet and the 'pull' will begin from a standing start.
  • Each machine will be powered only by a single Meccano No. 1 clockwork motor which cannot be rewound during the challenge and will use only standard ?Meccano parts (with the exception of the long cord which is attached to the milk bottle).
  • Machines will be run in pairs, with the winning machine progressing each time to the next round.
  • The winner of the final round will win the 2018 Scrapheap Trophy.
Winner -David Miller
Sam Medworth
The start of a heat

Here are some links to YouTube videos, where you can view the heats of the Scrapheap Challenge.

First heat, Second heat,  Another heatFirst semi-finalSecond semi-finalFinal