2013 July

July 2013 Meeting at Long Ashton (Malcolm Hanson)

1. Several of us had a great time at Skegex this year.  Pictures can be seen here: http://www.nzmeccano.com/image-67602
We had a lively meeting here on July 11th with a good range of models.  Richard brought his Skegex prize winning model of the Duchess of Hamilton.  Hugh Barr had a ball rolling machine whilst Sam Medworth had models of a Spitfire from a modern set and a Hurricane via an adaptation of the same basic set. Pete Evans gave us a mini Primus exhibition.  This included a train, steam roller and van which were complemented by a nickel Meccano lorry.  John Day brough a Spitfire and a model made from a recent “15 Model” outfit.  Unfortunately none of us could rise to John’s challenge of explaining what this was supposed to be a model of!  Tony South had a model and box of parts from a recent Meccano copy that none of us could quite give a name to. Ralph Clark came with a Supermodel No.37 version of a Howitzer and a strange Russian copy of a 50s Meccano No.2 Outfit that a friend had bough him some years ago in a Moscow Shop for the equivalent of 15p!  I had my No.9 Outfit Blackpool Tower and a 1952 No.9 Outfit.

Models can be seen here: http://www.nzmeccano.com/image-68925

2. The club will be supporting the Bristol Society of Model and Experimental Engineer’s exhibition at Thornbury on August 16th, 17th & 18th.  Pete Evans, John Day and I will be there all three days with help from Richard Smith on the Saturday and Sunday and Mark Briddle on the Sunday.  This should be OK but the show gets very busy at times and more hands would be welcome.  If you can help out at any point and would like to come along and enjoy the show then contact me on 01275 544571 or 07786 323935 as soon as possible.

3. The Henley Gathering will take place at the Christ Church Centre, Henley on Aug 31st.  Modellers may enter at 9am, if you just want to go and look it will be 10am.

4. Our next meeting will be at Richard Smith’s on Thursday October 3th at 8:00pm.  Richard’s address is The Old Corn Mill, Mill Lane, Tockington.  Tockington is just west of the A38 and north of the M4.