2020 Challenge

The Challenge for April 2020 is to send a ping-pong ball through the air from a launcher to land in a ring 10 feet away. Apparently these balls vary in weight and diameter so entrants may prefer to bring their own with which they have calibrated their launchers.

  • All parts of the launcher (apart from string if used) must be constructed from Meccano (genuine or reproduction).
  • The launcher shall be powered by gravity only, no springs/elastic bands/electric or any other power source.
  • The distance shall be measured horizontally, from a vertical line off the part of the mechanism nearest the ring, to the front of the ring. (So no, you can’t build a tower and just drop it in!)
  • The ring shall be a large flanged ring, part no. 167b for the heats. It shall be suspended flange down, like the top ring of a roller bearing, with its top 12 inches above the floor, horizontally like a basketball net.
  • Members who are not entering the challenge shall be invited to judge whether the ball has passed through the ring.
  • Each entrant shall be allowed 5 shots, and the number that go through the ring will be counted. The winner is the one who has the greatest number of shots passing through the ring.
  • In the event that more than one entrant achieves a score of 5, the ring shall be reduced to a circular girder part 143 (on the same centre as the large ring) for the final round, which shall again consist of 5 shots each.
  • If more than one entrant achieves a score of 5, the entrants shall fire in turn until one misses, at which point that entrant drops out. Whoever survives this “sudden death” playoff is the winner.