2012 October

October 2012 Meeting at Tockington (Malcolm Hanson)

1. Our autumn meeting was held at Richard Smith’s house.  Richard had the City of London on show again along with a lovely Type 35 Bugatti with specially made wheels.  Pete Evans had a Burrell “mark two” in the form of a Crane Tractor, a lovely picture of the original of which can be seen here: http://petermcguirephotography.zenfolio.com/p161699616/h31C712CD#h31c712cd .

Hugh Barr had been had been looking through old Meccano Magazines for inspiration and lighted on a Boring Machine with a nice set of movements.  John Day is in the process of fine-tuning a version of the Pinyon Block-Setting Crane which graced the covers of manuals in the late 40s and early 50s.  He showed us the gear-box from this.  Sam Medworth had acquired a modern “30 Models” outfit in a charity shop and brought along a manual model of... well we could not work out what! It was motorised and various parts moved around in strange ways but to what purpose we had no idea. I showed a 30s No.9 model of a Dutch Windmill and some No.1 Outfits from 1908 through to 1912 showing the changes in content and packaging over that time. Pictures of most of the models can be seen here: http://www.nzmeccano.com/image-61006

2. Richard kindly offered to help organise a Tockington exhibition again this coming year (dates below). Any ideas about this will be greatfully received, either in writing or at our January meeting at Phillip’s when we will finalise arrangements.

3. Here are our meeting dates for next year:
Thurs Jan 10th 8pm at Phillip Drew's, 13 Pyecroft Ave, Henleaze, Bristol,  BS9 4NL (See map below)
Sat April 27th 9am onwards at Tockington Village Hall on the Tockington to Olveston road. (Our exhibition)
Thurs July 11th 8pm at Malcolm  Hanson's house.
Thurs Oct 3th 8pm at Richard Smith's, The Old Corn Mill, Mill Lane, Tockington, S Glouc, BS32 4LL

4. If you are receiving a paper copy of this newsletter but do have email then please send me your email address.  I am still sending out 10 paper copies each time and I am sure some of you now have email.