2019 Wiltshire Model Steam Gala

Our club was invited to contribute to this excellent model engineering show, and four of us brought models, mostly on a Fairground theme.
Barry brought 4 of his shop window display models, including the giant Showman's Engine.
Sam brought his Ferris Wheel from the fairground set, the club's Set 4 Whip Roundabout and the 1920s Cakewalk - the latter two being "hands-on" were enjoyed by many children. He was also able to put his Foden Lorry in steam in the morning and afternoon, and it chugged round the car park (slowly, the Mamod SP3 Meccano engine is geared down approx 100-fold to give enough power to drive it).
Greg and Marion brought the giant plastic Meccano Ferris Wheel, a beautiful 8-horse Carousel, his Land Rover display, small Eiffel Towers and penny-farthing bicycles.
The day was well attended by hundreds of people, and plenty of models were in steam - including a full-size steam roller, and a railway you could sit-and-ride!

Below you can see some photos of our models.  A video of some of the moving models can be seen on YouTube.

Barry Winslow showed his Showman's Tractor and other Shop Display models.

Greg Worwood displayed his 'Cuthbertson' Tracked Landrover, his Landrover Defender and its livestock trailer filled with fluffy sheep, a motorbike wheel of death, a whimsical cyclist riding atop a wheel and some other models, some of which can be seen in the video.

Sam Medworth showed some fairground models - you can read more about the 'Cake Walk' and 'Ferris Wheel' models on Sam Medworth's Fairground Models page. He also displayed a Foden Steam Wagon which ran outside.