2000 Meetings

October, 2000

David Hobson brought a fascinating model of Schilowsky's gyrocar. This was a two-wheeled car invented in the early part of the last century by a Russian (or was it Polish?) prince. The idea was to create a car that needed less roadway. It succeeded in this but unfortunately it needed a vast turning circle so and never caught on.

Ralph has started his next railway project, a Britania class locomotive, and brought the chassis for us to see. David Nothcott had some aircraft based on models in manuals of the thirties, but built in plain, stripped down parts, most effective.

Ron Garside had another vintage model. This time it was the Supermodel No.9 the Meccano Bagatelle Table built, of course, from nickel parts. Just by turning a handle this model projects a ball up the table allowing you to score points (or not!) and then returns the ball to you for another go. Sam had made a convincing model of the Space Shuttle from 70's space set parts whilst his daughter Hannah showed us a model kangaroo she had made from one of the 70's manuals. When placed on a slight incline the kangaroo would 'hop' along.

Mervyn brought several items. His vintage model was a St George and the Dragon from (I think) a manual of the 20's. He also had a Constructo Big Wheel Set plus strip and plate bending machines. Both machines were very effective and the latter could cope with all the 2.5" wide flexible and strip plates using rollers that Mervyn had made himself. However, we were lucky enough to have Arthur Clapp with us on the night. For just £6 Arthur will make a set of three rollers for anyone else who would like to build one of these handy plate bending machines. Arthur's new address is: 9 Masefield Rd, Warminster, BA12 8HN (01985 213783).

Malcolm brought a boxed Geared Roller Bearing and the beginnings of the base of the Giant Block-setting Crane (SML 4). He hadd been lucky enough to buy a large collection recently that included the bearing and about 70% of the parts needed to build the block-setter in blue and gold. He has now completed it entirely in genuine 30's B/G parts and will bring it to the next meeting.

July, 2000

Sam brought some 70's Army and Combat sets and examples of the models you could make with them.

Ron brought a nickel Planing Machine and his award-winning clockwork driven car.

Grahame had more of his beautifully turned out models in 70's parts, this time no. 8 set models of an excavator and a tractor and trailer.

Mervyn went right back to the First World War for his inspiration with a very 'free-style' model of the Eiffel Tower from the period.

New member David Northcott brought a 4-speed and reverse gear-box taken from a '60s MeccanoMan. He went away with lots of friendly advice on improving it.

Ralph had become a very frustrated modeller attempting to realise the last of the '20s Super Models, the 6" Howitzer, Limber and Tractor. After hours of effort he still could not get the gun to work!

Malcolm had ressurected an ancient model of his based upon an child's plastic toy of penguins coming down a slide. Along with this he showed somw newly acquired 'other' systems namely Jurieero, Constructo and Buildo.

January, 2000

Philip showed us some more models from the range being sold off cheaply at Elf stations (now all gone).

Sam had been working on his Derrick supermodel (hybrid No 6 and No 36) which now worked much more effectively than the original, the motions being controlled via a joystick.

Mervyn had two working aeroplane models, one from a 1913 manual and the other a modified version which ran on a modern electric motor.

Ron Garside brought along a rotating crane whilst Peter and Giles Regan had a solenoid-driven motor designed to run in a model of the Waverley paddle steamer.

Malcolm brought along a model steam excavator made from an American wooden constructional toy called Arkitoy and a Meccano shop display model of 'The Rocket' circa 1960.